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日本語 は。。。

well, My Japanese training will end soon :D
and if I qualify, I'm able to go there starting June :D

wish me luck~~

If my schedule being change..

... just a few day before that day,then why the hell you didn't tell me?
If you tell me I share a wrong schedule,then share the right one!!!
If you just gonna change the schedule whenever you want,then don't make one!!!

Then don't just angry with me if I acting up,see yourself first!!!

(Again,really happy that nobody here now lj)

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Have you feel that sometimes,you're annoyed by higher ups in your workplace,but you can't write about it in your SNS because you are having them in your friend list? Well, I am one of those people. And now I regret being friend in them (if I write something bad and they know, that's bad right?)

And then I realize that I have livejournal, so why not do it here? They didn't know (yet) about this place after all *evil laugh*

So what actually happen in my workplace? It's just happen that they want to use fingerprint for absent employees. Which is great and all. But the problem here, even though I always do it(before and after my shift), a lot of my fingerprints doesn't enter the system. Which means, I am considered not present. Which also means, I won't get payment for those days I considered not present.
And that's not great at all.
And that's happen not only for me, but to a lot of employees.
We already ask them, why this is happening, and they said it's our fault for not doing in the correct time (morning shift do it at 7am and close it in 2pm,etc). How bout they try to be us then? We are in the middle of minor surgery and can't leave the doctor alone. Or when the patient need extra care because of their condition. And to add it up, that fingerprint machine is only available in the first floor, and my department is in 5t floor.
If you want us to fingerprint at the correct time, then place it in all department floor. Is that kind of logic hard to understand?

I lost payments for days just because fingerprint and higherups doesn't want to listen our reasons.

Well, it's great to let out your feeling right? I hope nobody in my workplace read this :p



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